Hello March––Spring is on the Way

Hello March!

“No matter how long the winter, how hard the frost or how deep the snow, Nature triumphs. No season is awaited so eagerly or welcomed so warmly as spring.” ~Sheila Pickles

Spring announces her arrival on March 20th this year. Wake Up! It’s time to emerge from the warmer comforts of winter to sprout, create, and come forth in full bloom! Change is in the air!

Just as the winds of Spring clear out Winter’s residue, your body may benefit from a gentle Spring cleanse. The digestive system is happy to transition from the heavier foods of Winter and welcome the fresh greens of Spring. March is National Nutrition Month, so this is the perfect time to revise your dietary habits to include Spring fresh foods.

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Two of the body’s detoxification organs are the Liver and Gallbladder. These organs deal with the body’s internal cleansing, so it is appropriate to nurture them this time of year. Some herbs that strengthen and tone these organs are: Dandelion, Yellow Dock, Asparagus and Milk Thistle. These herbs can be steeped as a soothing and cleansing tea.

Adding Spring greens to your diet supports your body’s natural cleansing process. Your digestive system welcomes fresh greens after a long Winter season of heavier, high-fat-high-protein foods. Include Spring fresh produce such as Globe Artichoke, Asparagus, Beets (with greens), Greens (chard, chickweed, chicory, cilantro, dandelion, parsley, lettuce varieties), peas and more. Be bold and experiment with seasonal textures and flavors.

Your body will appreciate it!

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