Connie Pshigoda:

Little did Connie know that her childhood years on her family’s farm would plant a passion for garden fresh foods, Nature’s seasons and exceptional health and vitality. Connie’s nutritional studies began at Texas Tech University and continued at the Institute for Natural Therapeutics (Mesa, AZ) and Central Arizona College (Coolidge, AZ). With new scientific discoveries and technologies in natural health, Connie stays tuned in to the latest research and studies with continuing education.

She still enjoys spending time in Colorado’s great outdoors and “playing” in her yard and garden. The mother of two daughters and two grand-daughters, Connie loves to share her farming experiences with the next generations.

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Wellness For All Seasons:

Founder of Wellness For All Seasons and award-winning author, (The Wise Women’s Almanac: A Seasonal Guide with Recipes for New Beginnings that Never Go Out of Season), Connie brings her passion for Nature’s nourishment “to the table” in her writings, coaching and presentations.

Using the wisdom of Nature’s original foods, Connie shows her clients how to manage their menus with a seasonal flavor and flair. With preventive nutrition and aging-intervention principles and technology, she guides her clients through simple solutions so they may reach their wellness goals with renewed energy, mental alertness, and stress management.

Wellness For All Seasons focuses on a systems approach rather than a symptom focus. The body’s eleven systems must work harmoniously in unison for optimal health and through coaching, educating and writing, Connie shares medication-free, symptom-free, non-invasive options.

The Wise Woman’s Almanac:

The Wise Woman’s Almanac became a reality in 2007, when the first edition was published. At that season of my life, my career as a Massage Therapist was in full bloom and I took every opportunity to share nutritional wellness with my clients. I frequently heard, “You should write a book and publish all the health information you share with us.”  Taking those promptings to heart, I began the journey of collecting data and gathering my wellness notes and scribblings. My inner perfectionist demanded that I “do this right,” so I hired a writing coach, editor and publishing company. I had no idea how much I did not know then about the world of an author! Alas, The Wise Woman’s Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to Your Physical-Emotional-Spiritual Health was born.

Book sales were ok, reviews were positive and encouraging and I was content, vowing to never write another book! Once the first edition books were nearly sold out, my inner perfectionist (somewhat less perfect by now) began rumbling, “You need to revise your book.” The second voice came from an accomplished author, editor, publisher and friend, Judith Briles, “You need to revise your book!”  That began the second journey down the writer’s lane to complete the second––and much improved––edition, The Wise Woman’s Almanac: A Seasonal Guide with Recipes for New Beginnings that Never Go Out of Season. Book two was in my reader’s hands in 2016.

Book sales have been exceptional, reviews are still positive and encouraging and I am content, possibly with other books to come! This Alamac shares the wellness wisdom of nature and her seasonal foods and their effect on our health. Throughout the pages of these books, I strive to "educate to empower” so readers may choose simple wellness practices and habits to improve their health-style and age-with-vitality.