Mindful-Midlife-Makeover––It Took Courage

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In November of 2018 I celebrated a significant birthday. As I do at each birthday, I reflect, ponder, assess and set my intentions for the coming year. This particular birthday I felt nudges to put into action in my personal life what I teach in my professional life: Savor the Season–– Welcome New Beginnings That Never Go Out of Season––Expect Aging with Vitality. What would this really look like for me if I put those phrases into action?

After weathering a couple of demanding years, I felt like I needed to refocus on my business–– and my self. So, I took the plunge for a total-everything-makeover. My project began quite simply:

1) Refresh my business image (which included my ancient website) and create a new logo

2) Refresh my not-so-current wardrobe

3) Refresh my personal image (hair and make-up) to reflect a woman “aging-with-vitality”

Those sound simple enough, right? I called professionals in image and brand make-overs to show me the possibilities. Whoa––I only thought I was ready for change! These women, gracious as they were, stripped me (gently, of course) of what I knew and painted a picture that I had not begun to imagine. It’s like I stepped out of a fog into the sunshine! Once I stopped hyperventilating, I truly fell in love with what they presented.

These new changes did not come without homework. Their questionnaires caused me to ponder: Who am I in this season? How do I “show up” to my clients, colleagues and friends? What message does my image (professional and personal) send? How am I sharing my passion for health and vitality?

This took more courage than I anticipated. However, the excitement and expectation dispelled the doubts. There’s, value, I believe, in taking a closer look at where we’ve been, what we’ve done and consider where we want to go and what we want to do. What do we keep and what do we discard? What do we build on and what do we plow under?

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose

under the heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

So, the revised message for Wellness For All Seasons became this:

• I am a Holistic Health Educator & Author.

• My business focuses on blending the ancient wisdom of Nature’s seasons with cutting edge scientific discoveries and technology.

• Of the 11-systems in the human body that must work in harmony for optimal health––I focus on the Digestive, Circulatory, Lymphatic and Immune Systems.

• I do not believe there is a “one-size-fits-all” wellness plan. I provide personalized wellness plans for my clients using real-food menu plans plus quality supplemental nutrients when needed and exciting neuro-technology and electroceutical technology to improve the body’s natural functions.

• It is not my goal to keep a client for life, but to educate them to better understand their own body and its specific needs and to flow with ease in nature’s rhythms and seasons.

As the new elements came together for the revised website and logo, as well as my revised wardrobe make-over, I felt an overwhelming connectedness to my new “look.” An interesting coincidence (?) occurred along the journey that put to rest any doubts I may have had during the process. Once the wardrobe professional determined the color palette that would bring out my best features and the web designer presented me with a mood-board to select my desired colors and designs, I was speechless that their colors and designs were practically identical! No, they had not collaborated––they have not even met.

I felt at peace with this Mindful-Midlife-Makeover journey. Now I can fully embrace Aging- with-Vitality and New Beginnings that Never Go Out of Season!

If you’ve hesitated to make changes in your life––be it simple or complex––I encourage you to start fresh in this new season, and become more fully “you.” Savor the Season.

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