It’s Tea-Time in Every Season

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I have a long-time, very special tea friend. She does tea parties like no one else! Throughout our years of friendship, she has introduced me to and educated me on the finer points of teatime––far from my Texas upbringing of summer iced-tea in a mason jar. She lives teatime!

Her delightful home is like a secluded, secret tea-time getaway. Every room, every corner is filled with cups and saucers, teapots, flowers, books, keepsakes from her London years and much more. Recently, she indulged me in an afternoon-tea-girlfriend-gathering. I was completely swept away into an authentic comfort zone––soothing, refreshing and restoring. Oh, yes, and yummy!

I do not fully recall when I became a devoted tea fan. For several seasons of my life, my daily–– although informal––tea time is more than a hydration break. It’s an event.

Collecting tea memorabilia and accessories is not my thing. I possess only a few special tea cups that remind me of special occasions or places I’ve visited. I like to position my cups on the cupboard shelf like one might display artwork in a gallery. When I open the cabinet door, I’m delighted––even if briefly––with the colorful design of my cups.

Articles published in numerous health and nutrition journals suggest that tea time may be the most healthful time of day. Researchers in various studies have concluded that the polyphenol compounds in green tea contribute to reducing inflammation and slowing cartilage breakdown thereby easing the discomforts of joint degeneration.

Scientists in numerous studies report that high antioxidant compounds in tea may improve immune function (reducing the formation of free radicals) as well as brain and digestive function. Other health benefits include heart health, increased endurance and fat-burning properties (great for your workout), improved skin condition and longevity. Of course, tea is only part of a wellness lifestyle.

So, whether you are a dedicated tea-person, or not, you just cannot ignore the health benefits and the soothing promises of a cup of tea––in every season.

Why Drink Tea?

“As a consciousness-altering agent tea is mankind’s

kindliest ally in the vegetable kingdom.

If you are cold, tea will warm you;

if you are heated, it will cool you;

if you are depressed it will cheer you;

if you are excited, it will calm you.”

~James Norwood Pratt, 1999, New Tea Lover’s Treasury