Let Nature’s Doctors Awaken Your Senses

Last week we visited four of Nature’s Seven Doctors, Air, Sunlight, Sound and Nature’s Fresh Foods.

This week, I’m visiting Exercise, Water and Rest to complete my Springtime Renewal Regimen.

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Now that the outdoor temperatures are warming, I’m loving getting out early in the morning and taking a brisk walk around the parks in my neighborhood. Being active early in the day sets my metabolism to function more effectively and efficiently throughout the day.

Additional benefits include:

• Increased heart rate for improved circulation

• Utilizing more calories

• Improves digestion and elimination, which supports detoxification

• Strengthens and tones muscles and improves agility

• Calms the mind

I also enjoy greeting my neighbors along the paths! Colorado is a playground for outdoor activity. I hope you’ll choose something you enjoy and spend time with Doctor Exercise. What are your favorite ways to exercise in the Spring season? Are you listening for Nature’s sounds while you are out and about?


Just as the earth needs water to thrive, the amazing human body needs hydration to function effectively and efficiently. Some sources suggest that any food-grade liquid provides the same benefits as fresh, pure water. I personally do not subscribe to that theory. After all, we rinse dishes, laundry, automobiles and pets after the soap cycle, so why wouldn’t we run clean, clear water through our body?

Staying adequately hydrated supports numerous natural body functions. Let’s look at a few of the health promoting benefits of appropriate hydration:

• Regulates body temperature

• Helps move nutrients and oxygen to cells

• Helps the body absorb nutrients and eliminate wastes

• Cushions joints

• Makes up about 22% of the bone structure

• Makes up about 83% of the blood

• Makes up about 75% of the brain

• Makes up about 75% of the muscles

• and much more!

As the spring and summer temperatures rise, our body’s need for water increases. Try homemade flavored waters using the seasons fruits and herbs to boost your water intake.


Daylight hours extend into the night -time hours during the Spring season, and the glorious sunsets call to be admired . . . however, that does not mean that we should forgo a reasonable sleep schedule. Sleep-time is the body’s repair-time and a much needed part of our overall wellness.

Many cultures outside the United States––Greece, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Philippines, China, for example––recognize the importance of a midday rest-break for overall health. Whether it’s a siesta (in Spain or Mexico) or a riposo (in Italy), these afternoon naps are just a normal part of the daily routine. These afternoon rest-breaks provide a cooling from the midday heat as well as time to let the noon meal digest more completely.

Nighttime sleep hours may shorten ((7-8 in Spring compared to 8-9 in Winter) with the Spring- Summer seasons, but planning for and getting sound sleep in all seasons provides physical energy and mental clarity each and every day.

By staying close to Nature’s Doctors, it’s possible to reduce the visits to a doctor once we become sick. Thomas Edison said: "The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Enjoy this new season. Visit Nature’s Doctors often and experience excellent health.

Prevention is the key to optimal health and well-being.

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