It’s a New Year––Are You On Track?


Happy New Year, my friends and readers! We are well on our way into this new month and

pressing on into 2019. Are you on track? Often the tyranny of the urgent takes us off course, and

we let our well-intended goals go by the wayside.

Many years ago, I was introduced to a new way of embracing the New Year. No more resolutions

but a life assessment to begin each New Year. The assessment included a questionnaire about the

previous year’s activities covering various topics such as:

• How many books did I read?

• How many projects did I complete?

• How many new people did I meet?

• What obstacles did I overcome?

• Did I mend a broken relationship or extend forgiveness?

• What new skill did I develop?

• How much money did I save or invest?

• What health issue (if any) did I improve?

• Did I volunteer or serve to benefit others?

• What family/friend time meant the most to me last year?

This list of thought-starter questions thoroughly covered most of my life’s issues. This new

perspective was an eye opener for me and gave me a system to measure my growth from year to


Most of the New Year’s resolutions I hear from well-meaning friends are the same year after

year: to eat less and exercise more or work less and make more time for family. I encourage you

to take a few moments while we’re still in the beginning stages of a New Year to take a personal

account of your previous year’s activities and strive to improve overall personal growth and

development that will affect your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and

financial health.

Blessings to you in this New Year for great health and happiness. Let’s press on to greatness!

kaci head