Happy New Year: Happy New YOU!


Yes, it really is 2019––that time of year we reflect on what we want to do better than last

year. It’s a time of new ideas; new dreams or goals; perhaps a new job or relationship or

even a new home in a new location.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What if I could become a new me?” Think, for a

moment, about your body’s chemistry and physiology. Your amazing human body

comprises countless continuous chemical processes that promote life and normal bodily

functioning known as your metabolism. This impressive energy producing power-house

makes it possible for your body to repair, rebuild, release and restore. There are a

number of way in which you can support and even improve your metabolism:

• Eat real food: food from a plant, not produced in a plant; grown locally (when possible)

and in season.

• Exercise regularly: Moderate fitness routines that promote cardiovascular activity,

strength, endurance, balance and stretching.

• Rest completely: Getting adequate and complete sleep is essential to a healthy

metabolism. Plan for restful times in your busy day and sound sleep at night.

• Visit Nature’s 7 doctors: fresh air, sunshine, healthy food, exercise, pure water, rest

and a sound mind.

Is it possible to grow biologically younger? That’s something I will ponder in this new

year. We no longer live in the “deficiency disease” era. Thanks to exciting modern

technology and scientific evidence we can embrace the cellular renewal era! Research

and clinical trials are showing that nutrition really works in preventing poor health as well

as restoring damaged health.

Please join me in starting this new year with renewed energy and health. I’ll be hosting

a New Year Wellness Reboot later in January . . . please plan to join me for an

amazingly healthy year!

kaci head