Words to the Wise for Winter Wellness


The cold weather season can be harsh on the body, mind and spirit. Try these SOS (Season of

Survival) tips for a warm, healthy and happy Winter:

1. Clear the pantry of holiday munchies. Forget the Christmas stocking stuffers, most packaged

foods and snacks are body-stuffers and promote unwanted belly-fat. Remove the Fake Or

Overly Defiled Processed Or Rancid Non-foods (aka F-O-O-D P-O-R-N) from your pantry,

shopping list, menu, and dining out choices.

2. Explore new ingredients and flavorings that not only tingle your taste buds, but promote

health and healing. Spices that warm up a cold body include: cinnamon gives a spicy warmth

that improves memory, modulates blood sugar imbalances, soothes a sore throat, and

suppresses appetite; cayenne gives a flavorful kick to any dish and may signal feelings of

fullness, increase circulation and promote warmth. Ginger supports digestion, soothes an upset

stomach, reduces inflammation and boosts immune function. Saffron (used in Indian, Pakistani

and Central Asian cuisines) offers anti-oxidant and immune regulating properties. Turmeric

(curcumin) detoxifies the liver, acts as a potent anti-inflammatory and natural pain killer,

supports fat metabolism and weight management.

3. Drink more! Water that is. Your body needs water in all seasons, but particularly in winter

when we seem to drink less. Water composes 75% of your brain, 83% of your blood, 22% of

your bones, and 75% of your muscles. It moves nutrients and oxygen to the cells, supports

complete digestion by helping convert food to energy and helps the body absorb nutrients then

remove waste material. Caffeinated and carbonated beverages do not promote health and

vitality like clear, pure water.

4. Move it! The human body is designed to be active and move about. A steady sedentary life-

style promotes sluggishness, a “blue-mood,” and possibly depression. Choose an activity or

fitness preference of moderate to high intensity to stimulate blood and oxygen circulation and

quicken your heart-rate. Watch your muscles firm, your waistline trim and your spirit soar.

5. Soak up some sun. Winter may bring on Seasonal Affective Disorder, so get out on sunny

days and savor the moment. Expose your face, arms and legs if temps allow. When indoors,

open doors and drapes to let nature’s light in.

6. Rest in peace. Chronic disruptive/irregular sleep not only leaves you cranky, but contributes

to metabolic imbalance (impaired brain function, heart disease, obesity, hormone disruption).

Winter is a wonderful time to get those z-z-z’s.

kaci head